SATURDAY February 27 



burrata cheese with oven roasted heirloom cherry tomatoes, fresh basil + baby arugula GF

chopped Chicago cured Italian meat & cheese "tapenade" GF

house crostini 



Gnocchi Gratin 

house ricotta gnocchi

velvety 4 Italian cheeses sauce


toasted, herbed bread crumbs


Petite Loaf Focaccia Bread

 garlic and herb olive oil 



Cioppino  GF

a seafood stew with gremolata toasts  

shrimp, scallops, cod, tomatoes, wine,  & herbs, 


Braised Beef in Barolo  GF

with pancetta & smoked fennel sausage 

roasted potatoes & carrots



Olive Oil and Lemon Pound Cake

lemon curd budino -pudding GF

strawberries, blue berries + raspberries GF

meringue & almond crumbles GF


 Dinner Stacks

A Love Stack Replay?

Date Night? Friends Night?

Pure Joy During a FREAKING Pandemic?! 

Thanks to @northernforestcenter this box of delicious love can be on your table for $55 for 4 courses feeds 2! That's a $110 value for $55. Really!

ordering goes live at 12pm Feb.24

3 ways to contact us, please use only 1

call 603-723-6069  or text 603-466-5330 or email 

ordering goes live at 12pm

Feb 24


  • Preorder only  we will take orders in the order they are received

  • 4-course stack

  • $55 per stack  -a $125 value

  • Each stack feeds 2

  • Choose either the seafood course or the beef course 

  • Order soon! Limited to 25 stacks

  • Pickup at ATLaS Market between 4pm & 6pm on Saturday Feb. 27

  • Call ATLaS between noon and 6pm to place your order, but remember they sell out fast!

  • Watch for our videos ~starting Friday~ on how to serve your stack so you feel like you're dining with us 

  • When picking up at ATLaS, consider pairing a bottle of wine, craft beer or prosecco

111 Main Street

Gorham, NH 03581

(603) 466-5330

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