4 courses $32 Friday Jan. 24 Destination Dinner + a gift to you! a $10 gift card to ATLaS

Updated: Jan 22, 2020

Leave Austria and pop out a tunnel carved through the Dolomites and you will find yourself in the South Tyrol region of Italy. Here you'll find a beautiful, hearty fusion of Alpine and Mediterranean flavors. This fresh snow is speaking to us, so off to the Italian mountains we go!

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Pusterer Breatl a little spiced loaf of bread with 2 flavors of butter

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Canederli in broth bread gnocchi with butter, herbs and Parmesan

bread gnocchi in a rich broth

Agnolotti with mushrooms and 3 cheeses with brown butter & sage

half moon ravioli filled with mushroom confit + cheese

Southern Tyrolean Barley Stew with Ham and winter vegetables

Mountain Salad Shaved Fennel, red cabbage,, arugula, mustard walnut vinaigrette

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Pork Belly stuffed with apples, onions and herbs with pan sauce + rosemary roasted potatoes

Chicken Thighs stuffed with mirepoix vegetables, herbs and Parmesan, reduced braising sauce, tomatoes, butter and wine + polenta

Braised Beef with barolo wine sauce & shaved Parmesan + melting carrots, potatoes and onions

Raclette Board with table-side grill

melting cheese, prosciutto, ham, baby potatoes, roasted onions & brocolini + mountain bread and pickles