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going into our 2nd week - "reunited and it feels so good"

Updated: Jul 19, 2020

We have so missed you. Our staff. The laughter. The crazy pace. Our farmers. Our purveyors. The delivery guys. The food. And the drinks. And so .....

Since we saw you last.

It’s a different time.

It’s a different dining room -with a better view!

It’s a different bar -with a better view!

It’s the same beautiful food -but maybe my favorite menu of all time!

It's the same crafted cocktails -with an interesting twist.

It’s the same loving staff -with a few amazing additions.

It’s the same farmers - with a few amazing additions.

It’s thoughtful. It’s comfortable. It’s covered. It’s safe. It's not buggy!

You'll feel like your on vacation -even if you're not.

Since we saw you last, there are some rules -said the woman who hates coloring in the lines!

This part is difficult for us to talk about, we just really want cook great food and put smiles on your faces. These rules are handed down from our Governor, they are in place to keep you safe; our staff safe; our other costumers safe. AND to keep our economy open.

  1. While we can and will take you if we have an open tables, we prefer you make a reservation.

  2. The state requires that you to wear a face mask to your table and when NOT sitting at your table. We have disposable masks available, so don't worry if you forgot.

  3. We love to be accommodating. We typically love taking care of special food requests. BUT we are not running in a "normal" world. We have very carefully considered the menu and dietary needs, we hope that you will try something different, but within your needs and we ask you to please not rewrite the menu. You might find it fun. And the world will be back to normal soon.

  4. It is impossible for us to have a full bar outside. We do not have plumbing

  5. We ask you to be very considerate about being loyal to your reservation. We have very limited seating, it's harmful to our survival during these difficult times if you cancel at last minute or just don't show.

If any of the following are a concern please consider the fallowing -we have put considerable time, thought and money to insure that your dining experience is great

  • We are very well covered outside

  • We have heaters for cooler weather

  • We've blocked the hot sun

  • We are serious about the lack of bugs!

  • We have the ability to safely switch in inside if really, really bad weather comes in

We are so excited to share this new and special dining experience with you.

Call us at 603-466-5330 to reserve

ATLas returns July 2

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