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we'll miss you + making a crummy situation safe and delicious - check out our online ATLaS Market

Hello everyone, until we can gather again

Sorry it’s taken us so long to address this Covid-19 Pandemic. It’s not for reason of apathy. I love to shoot from the hip and jump into the unknown, but this …! When our Governor wisely and breathtakingly shut down all NH restaurants we were just 2 weeks from our annual April Spring Break. Because we were on track for a shutdown, we have decided to forgo the takeout option for the next month and to concentrate on serving your needs through ATLaS. We have set up an online store. To keep everyone safe, this is how we see it working. Go Here. Order, pay and tell us an approximate time for pickup. We will box up your items and have them ready for curbside delivery! We have a pretty huge selection of hearty, worldly and healthy soups, sauces, breads, cookies and spreads. We are hoping to keep some of our staff employed for what appears to be longer than our usual break and would appreciate it if you will consider us in your rotation of meals.

We will dearly miss all of you and will pray for your safety and sanity during this very unsure time.

To a peaceful, loving and virus free world

XO Liz

The following is a beautiful summary written by Meryl on our thoughts and our process

When Covid-19 first made it’s way to NH, Liz was halfway around the world visiting with friends in beautiful Morocco. On her way home as she was still hours from Gorham we got the notice that all NH restaurants must close their doors to the public. Up until that point Steve & staff diligently continued cleaning, sanitizing, thinning out the seating and taking every precaution to maintain a healthy and safe environment for guests and ourselves alike. Upon her return we were in a different situation.

For those of you who really know Liz you’d know that she is nothing if not loyal, caring and hospitality driven to the bone. To lose that guest experience in our restaurant is a great loss. The relationships we’ve built with our regulars over the last 22 years of business are the driving force that keeps Saalt and Libby’s evolving and continuing to push for excellence. To see her staff potentially out of work and financially harmed and potentially at risk is something that matters to her on a deep level. For these reasons she chose to take a breath. To really think about what is in the best interest of her staff and business. How to stay true to her values in this new economic landscape that demands social distancing when our very goal is to create connections through time spent around a dinner table. To add to this how do we attend to our community? How do we best hold space for our neighbors whose economic hardship may last well past the time of quarantine?

After some time to think out every course of action and countless conversations with staff, friends and family we have come to some conclusions as to how we should proceed. As Liz self quarantines and directs from home the kitchen has been hard at work. Cooking up a variety of soups, gnocchi, lasagna with house-made sheets and sauces all to be made available at Atlas in the coming weeks.

We are in awe and so inspired by the many businesses jumping to aid the community at this time and will also be working on creating items available to the community at large, we are in touch with the experts in the trenches and will be providing where and when it is most needed.

Though we are pained to miss out on hanging with all of you (we’re looking at ya Sunday night bar crew) we know this too shall pass and we will once again be able to laugh & dine together. Until that time comes, know that we are here wishing you the best and still offering to be a part of your dining experience.

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