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TONIGHT ONLY! A small plates one off in THE COOP Friday May 17th

We’re done with rain and gloom! Are you??

Join us tonight (yes! You ARE spontaneous) We’ll make our own sunshine!

Come eat small worldly plates (Tapas) in our favorite little nook THE COOP

This is a fun, tasty, affordable one-off menu! What's the harm?

Good Food? Cheap Date? Feeling like you’re in a new trendy restaurant? Plus! of course our regular menu deliciousness!

See you tonight!

Euro Breads & Spreads $10

North African Breads & Spreads $10

House Farmer’s Cheese Curds $5

sun dried cherry tomatoes, basil, olive oil plus a little baguette

Moroccan Feta $6

with herb and chard jam + pomegranate seeds+ grilled flatbread

Sesame Spicy Fried Broccoli $5.

+ Dan Dan & Herbs

Vietnamese Meatballs $6

with pickled radishes, cilantro + little bowl of fried rice + spicy tahini sauce

Pot of Venetian Chicken Liver Pate $6.

+ crackers and pickled vegetables

Tacos $4 each

house tortillas, braised boneless short ribs, pickled vegetables, limey creme fraiche, cilantro, cherry tomato salsa

Little Bowl of Spring Soup $5

Fiddleheads, ramps, asparagus, leeks, spinach

Little Rolled Pasta Sheets filled with Salmon $7

+ herby bechemel & spinach

Panko Chicken Tenders $9

with Vietnamese peanut, chili & herbs sauce


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