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Celebrating our Mothers & sharing foods from our April trip to Italy

My Mom, sweet, beautiful, creative, nurturing, oh my -she could cook and entertain. She guides me from a different place these days, but there is no end to her thoughtful influence. Please join us this weekend while we share our recent trip to Italy. And let us toast all of our beautiful mothers and the mother in all of us. Cheers XO


Wild Soup

ramps, fiddleheads, 5 essential Italian herbs & cream + spinach crostini

Venetian Chicken Liver Pate with onions and currants ...cranberry mostarda +crostini

Lorenzo's Eggplant Parmesan

egg battered, basil tomato sauce


Graciela's Ricotta Gnocchi with butcher's sauce -melting pork, veal, sausage & beef

we spent a beautiful Saturday afternoon with Graciela crafting these gnocchi, making sauce, rolling tagliatelle -she is wonder to watch

Tagliatelle + all that is spring

fiddleheads, asparagus, ramps, spinach, chives, lemon + Umbrian olive oil & Parmesan

Add shrimp +6

the Italians can't help themselves, if it's in season they are thinking about it, foraging it, cooking it...this is our spring

Lentils from Castelluccio with pancetta + tomato and herb braised pork -Italy, where lentils are art

Salmon "In bianco” white wine, rosemary, capers, olives & lemon + fingerling potatoes, peas and mint a wild Sicilian introduced me to these flavors


Berry Crostata

Hazelnut Chocolate Cake with cocoa and whipped cream

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