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Sunday 3/17 Irish Pub Menu! A fiddle and a keyboard! Because who doesn’t want to be an Irish Pub for

Sunday, March 17th

Irish Pub for a night!

We've got it all! Paul Cormier on the fiddle! Anna Sysko on the keyboard! A full Irish menu with a SAaLTed touch. Can't wait! Join us


Smoked Salmon Board 13

brown bread, pickled onions, capers, egg, mustard, dilled cucumber

Welsh "Rabbit" $10 - a United Kingdom version of bruschetta with NO rabbit

aged slightly piquant Dunlinger cheddar beer sauce,

sliced tomato, toasted peasant bread

3 Boxty with 3 toppings $12

potato pancakes + warm red cabbage with Irish bacon + sour cream, chives & shamrock micro greens + corned beef with mustard cream & spring onions


Irish Pizza $12

Irish bacon, fresh tomatoes, cheddar, thinly sliced potatoes

Hunter’s Pie $18

rabbit & duck with Irish bacon + root vegetables + colcannon potatoes

Irish Burger $13

whiskey glaze, Guinness onions, cheddar cheese, arugula, potato buns

Bangs Island Mussels + Chips $15

guinness, leeks, tomato, chives,

Smoked Salmon & Salmon Chowder $18

potatoes, leeks & cream + soda bread

Corned Beef + Cabbage $17

root vegetables with horseradish cream, parsley mustard sauce & beet cream

Beet & Chickpea Cake $15 - an Irish version of our popular green heart

mustard & chive cream, Cashel blue cheese + apple coleslaw with capers & raisins

Bangers & Irish Bacon & Colcannon $16

Irish Bacon is the bomb it's pork loin but it's bacon + caramelized shallot gravy

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