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My mixed up Irish/Italian heritage 3 courses $28 3/15/19

Destination: My mixed up Irish/Italian heritage

3 courses for $28

Friday, March 15

While my Irish grandmother and my Italian grandmother seemed to have a sweet affection for each other, never once did I see them cook together. My Irish grandmother had 3 children & owned a diner, while my Italian grandmother fed 11 children 3 meals a day. My Dad (Italian) jokes that "there was no food!" the first time he ate at my Mom's family home. There was! I wanted to celebrate my grandmothers in a menu, and St. Patrick's Day weekend (Irish grandmother) seemed like a good time. So I sat down to write several times, but nothing. I thought a lot about how to combine them, and nothing; so I just nixed it.

Still with no menu for Friday (it's Wednesday night!), I asked myself a question, "What would you cook if the three of you could be in the kitchen together, you showing them what you've done with all they taught you?" So here it is! Friday night, in my heart, the three of us in my kitchen. Trust me, they would have balked at a few of these ideas, but they'd have loved it if they ate it!

We hope you'll join us.


Sullivan Platter

pub pimento cheese + whipped blue cheese & walnuts +

pickled red cabbage and apples + brown bread + oatcakes


choose one: Herb roasted Prospect Farm Pork Loin with Irish bacon

roasted potatoes and peppers in duck fat, champ potatoes, roasted tomatoes & wilted spinach ⬩⬩⬩ Smoked Shrimp & Chevre Ravioli

+ shrimp with Irish whiskey cream

Watercress pesto ⬩⬩⬩

Hunter’s Love

Cider & bacon braised French Hill Farm rabbit & duck, Shady Grove mushrooms + colcannon gnocchi


Beet, chickpea & potato cake

an Irish version of our popular green heart

mustard & chive cream, Cashel blue cheese

+ apple coleslaw with capers & raisins, cranberry mostarda


choose one:

Ciambella with olive oil lemon curd & whipped cream


Chocolate Pudding + Baileys Cream + oatmeal lace cookie

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