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Sharing our trips:Travels to Thailand

Spice up your holiday, relax before the this delicoius food!

Travels to Thailand 3 courses $27 Firday 21st


Tom yum soup, celery root salad in the style of papaya salad & corn fritter

Choose 1

comes with thai table condiments

Thai savory vegetable pancake with fried mussels and grilled spiced squid + Hot & Sour Herb Salad

Duck in red curry, sesame sticky rice, crispy broccolini

Thai basil Shady Grove mushrooms + green curry with fingerling potatoes & spinach + sesame sticky rice


Fried bananas with coconut ice cream

And time to make that NEW Year's Eve Reservation!

Christmas schedule: closed Christmas Eve, Day and the day after. Reopening Thursday 27 - NYE

closed New Years Day and Wednesday 2nd. Reopening Thursday, Jan. 3

Happy Holidays Everyone! XO

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