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Irish is our second heritage....for real!

Steve and I are both a blend of Italian Irish heritage! This weekend, let's celebrate the Irish-American side. We are adding this deliciousness to this weeks menu! Hope to see you, call to reserve 466-5330


DUBLIN PLATTER Irish Sausage + scotch egg + blue cheese + Dubliner cheese + pickled red cabbage and apples + brown bread


BANGERS and MASH + caramelized onion gravy

CORNED BEEF and CABBAGE + root vegetables + horseradish cream & beet cream

BOXTY + Baby Spinach + Roasted Walnuts + melting blue

Smoked SHRIMP and SALMON with mustard & chive cream + colcannon potato DESSERT APPLE and TOFFEE BREAD PUDDING + IRISH WHISKEY SAUCE


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