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A Valentine's menu inspired by my love of this world of food & its spices & dictated by

Share our love with your love.

4 lovely courses starting at $38

Call to reserve


begin with warm Italian cheese with wine & garlic

+ lemon and fennel marinated olives crackers and local carrots

next ….choose one

roasted root vegetable salad

coriander crostini, pistachio & mint + yogurt dressing

Italian wedding soup

A rich bone broth, baby meatballs, housemade pasta, leeks, herbs, parmesan and arugula

mussels + garlic, wine & herbs with grilled focaccia

main ...choose one ...price reflects 4 courses

The Italian Hunter $43.

rich bolognese rabbit, turkey & venison with pan roasted duck breast on truffled risotto + roasted broccolini

Shawarma-spiced Lamb Shank $45

toasted rice with dates, walnuts & orange herb salad + house naan

Steak Florentine $48

beef tenderloin + creamed parmesan spinach + rosemary and lemon fried fingerlings ….a red wine demi & charred carrots

New England Winter Waters $40

pan roasted cod + lobster bisque sauce + crispy shrimp with parsley and celery salad

Spanish Pork Cutlet Picada $38.

Romesco sauce + potato croquette + lemon, garlic, almonds & parsley

a shared dessert

Many flavors of chocolate with berries

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