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Our 21st New Years Menu for Libby's 5 courses starting at $45 + SAaLT 3 courses starting at $25

reserve for SAaLT or LIbby's


ringing in 2018* with 5 elegant courses

We welcome you with many little bites to enjoy as you ponder the menu


choice of:

country pate + mustard + house pickles + little toast + watercress salad

creamy local onion + potato soup with shrimp wrapped with bacon

very french mussels


choice of

organic greens + watermelon radish + pickled corn with sherry balsamic vinaigrette

roasted beets + whipped feta + moroccan spices with honey and orange + coriander crouton


*Five courses included in entree price

The Italian Hunter 47

rabbit ravioli with venison sausage ● cranberry ● rich demi glaze ● roasted carrots & parsnips

Classic Beef 52

beef tenderloin with braised boneless short rib ● creamy chive potato ● red wine demi ● charred carrots

Faraway Duck 47

boneless breast + confit ● middle eastern spiced pan sauce ● toasted wheat with figs, walnuts & orange

Maine Coast 52

diver Scallops ● lobster stuffing ● celery root puree ● lobster cream

Heritage Pork 45

italian herbs ● cranberry mustardo ● sweet potato puree with browned butter & sage ● rich pan sauce

Sicilian Salmon 45

pan roasted Salmon ● exotic rices with pistachios & lemon ● puttanesca sauce ● broccolini


Assortment of Desserts: baby ginger cake + chocolate torta + lemon fool + salted caramel + shortbread cookie

*small menu changes might happen! gluten free, vegan & vegetarian options available

Locally sourced ingredients: shellfish from Maine. pork & chicken from Prospect Farms, New Hampshire, salmon naturally raised near the Faroe Islands, rabbit from Northstar Farms, Maine

SAaLT ringing in 2018* with 3 festive courses


*Choice of:

Organic Greens with pickled corn ● sherry balsamic vinaigrette ● grissini

Onion Pakora ● tomato chutney ● raita ● pickled vegetables + spicy greens Squash Soup + mushroom and taleggio bruschetta

Stuffed Italian Mussels ● wine & herbs ● grilled bread +3


*Entree price includes three courses

Longevity Noodles ● Thai green curry ● shrimp ● herbs & peanuts ● spinach ● broccolini ● green onions 26

The Green Heart ● potato, garbanzo & quinoa cake + pickled vegetable ● turmeric rice ●tomato chutney +herb and cucumber salad 25

Gnocchi Gratin ● melting pork ● tomato braising sauce ● crispy kale 28

Sicilian Salmon Cakes ● puttanesca sauce ● pistachio rice 25

Middle Eastern Fried Chicken ● pickled coleslaw ● pomegranates, walnuts and spinach + yellow rice and rhubarb chutney 25

Flatbread Pizza ● house sausage ● roasted red peppers and caramelized onions ● fontina cheese ● arugula 25


Choice of:

Gingerbread pudding with lemon fool

Warm cinnamon donuts, warm apple jam

*small menu changes might happen! gluten free, vegan & vegetarian options available