Introducing a winter POP-UP at SAaLT + Libby's

we'll be previewing this little gem Tuesday, December 19th from 4 til 8

zupperia defined

zuppa -italian for soup zupperria - a soup restaurant

zupperia at SAaLT + Libby's : a sweet little spot here just for the winter * for a quick flavorful, heartwarming bite *eat in the zupperia from 3 to 7 Wednesday-Sunday *or take us home *great White Mountains spot for après skiing or after winter hiking or climbing sustenance

zuppa menu

oven roasted tomato $5/12 oz $7.5/16 oz QT to go $12

with tortilla chips or croutons

recommended add on ~ make it mexican

house salsa + sour cream + pepper jack cheese 1.25

chili peppers and onions 2.25

spicy black beans and sour cream $2.5

braised chicken, chili peppers, and black beans $4

mexican mussels $6

recommended add on ~ make it italian

roasted vegetables $1.5

freshly grated parmigiano reggiano + chopped herbs + x-virgin olive oil $1.5

fresh mozzarella, basil & olive oil $4.5

sausage, peppers and onions $4

orecchiette au gratin (aka mac ‘n cheese) $4

Israeli couscous with olive oil and house spice blend $1.5