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It took a Bistro to raise a child

Ava graduates from high school on Friday! And I, like other mothers of children moving on in life, haven't stopped crying for a month. It is a joyful cry. The kind that you have when you look back and reflect on all the good. But there is also a melancholy to it. I say to myself, “Did I read enough books to her? Did we go to the park enough? Bedtime stories? Oh and didn’t I miss a lot of sports activities?" You can’t help but wonder, but for me the reflection is twofold.

A creation of two very beautiful things occurred in my life at exactly the same time. Ava was literally born at the same time as the Bistro. Steve has added perspective to how I see it, he says Ava is so incredibly lucky, because she wasn't raised by just a mom and a dad. She was raised to be an uber smart busgirl/nanny/political mentor/best friend. She was raised by hard working loyal employees who were also friends. She was raised by all of you, so varied in your backgrounds and so interested in talking to her about politics (her passion), travel & books.

Through weekly table-side chats you showed her how people can be very close, but know little about each other. Through you she saw trails and bridges built and seeds sown - both the visionary kind and those by our farmers and trail crew. She saw the fruition of great ideas and hard work. You invited her to dinner and into your homes. You taught her about warm smiles, about how to show interest and kindness.

She also learned tough stuff through some of those who came through the door. She experienced how it feels when someone criticizes her family when dinner wasn't as good as they expected. That the best dishwasher ever was a really nice guy, turns out to be a drug dealer. How someone as close as family could get up, and without shame, walk out on their job. Thankfully, she learned that even with disappointments there are great joys and accomplishments.

Steve tells me the Bistro gave Ava all of you. Under your watch we turned an infant into a sweet little girl then into an amazing young woman. She will speak as salutatorian at her commencement on Friday, and is off to Bowdoin College in the fall. Good job everyone! Many thanks. It took a Bistro to raise a child.

This week's Menu (Call 603.466.5330 to Reserve)

3 course $28 serving Thursday -Sunday (small changes may occur)

BEGIN choose one House Ricotta on crostini with stinging nettle and pumpkin seed pesto & a simple salad with delicate greens plus lemony vinaigrette Asparagus & Fiddlehead Soup with potato and mint samaosa, & cilantro chutney Roasted Beets with a salad of baby beet greens, pickled ramps, a nettle & mint vinaigrette

ENTREE choose one Ceviche chilled Halibut, yellow peppers, lime, red onions, avocado, a hint of heat, & sweet potatoes Pan roasted pork loin with asian flavors, sweet potato, ginger puree, a rhubarb pan sauce, mint, basil, lime & micro-green salad Green garlic & potato gnocchi with crispy duck confit Potato & mint ravioli, lamb arrabiata, & shaved pecorino

DESSERT choose one Coconut rice pudding with cardamon gelato Crispy meringue with chocolate mint ice cream & old fashioned chocolate sauce

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