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Mint & Rhubarb

Mint-- "Don't plant it in your garden, it will take over" said the gardener. "Contain it! " said the gardening book. "You're crazy to plant it there, it's a weed," said my friend. Never one who likes to color in the lines, and also not one who likes to be contained herself, let's just say I love this wild child of the garden. I love that I never know where I'll find its smiling little face. I love it's return every spring. I love it in one of Steve's mojitos or snipped into the Thai Salad. It's amazing in the potato ravioli that a Sardinian farmer taught me how to make. And this week, thanks to inspiration from my nephew John, I'm going to love it in mint chocolate chip ice cream!

But my love for wildness doesn't stop at mint. This week's menu features stinging nettles, ramps, fiddle heads, elderberries, and the rhubarb my grandfather planted 80 years ago.

This week's Menu

3 course $27 serving Thursday -Sunday

(small changes may occur)

BEGIN choose one

House Ricotta on crostini with stinging nettle and pumpkin seed pesto & a simple salad with delicate greens plus lemony vinaigrette

Asparagus & Fiddlehead Soup with potato and mint samaosa, & cilantro chutney

Roasted Beets with a salad of baby beet greens, pickled ramps, a nettle & mint vinaigrette

ENTREE choose one

Ceviche chilled Halibut, yellow peppers, lime, red onions, avocado, a hint of heat, & sweet potatoes

Pan roasted pork loin with asian flavors, sweet potato, ginger puree, a rhubarb pan sauce, mint, basil, lime & micro-green salad

Green garlic & potato gnocchi with crispy duck confit

Potato & mint ravioli, lamb arrabiata, & shaved pecorino

DESSERT choose one

Coconut rice pudding with cardamon gelato

Crispy meringue with chocolate mint ice cream & old fashioned chocolate sauce

Below: Rhubarb Mojito

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