Not just any monkey & this week's 3 course menu


Once when I was loving a friends soup she shrugged off the compliment with "I just followed the recipe." My Dad once said (and it is now legend in our home) "any monkey can cook, just follow the recipe!" But not always so. Last week I gave Gail (she makes those amazing lemon-ginger and salted oat cookies) the recipe for ricotta cheese. She texted me later "don't think I did it right, it doesn't look like yours." So Gail was right, it didn't look like mine. It was better. It was creamier. It was richer. It was amazing. She said it was a fluke. I gave her another chance at perfection this week. It was the same amazingness. She followed the recipe......

You can try it this week. We are serving it on crostini with the stinging nettle pesto. She made that too!

This week's Menu