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Remarkable Women 2013: Women of Cuisine | NH Magazine

Liz Jackson

Gorham Gourmet

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While leaving the kitchen behind was once a key concept of female liberation, today's women of cuisine transform food, from farm to table, into a positive force of creative expression, community strength, economic empowerment and pure delicious joy.

Owning a restaurant was always part of Liz Jackson’s plan. Today, she and her husband, Steve Jackson, run the successful and ever-popular Libby’s Bistro and the SAALT Pub in Gorham. Liz’s childhood forays into cooking and entertaining developed into a passion for travel and discovering good food. In college, she spent spring break hunting for fresh ingredients instead of spending time on the beach and later embarked on excursions around France exploring quaint, off-the-grid restaurants that you’d have to hunt for. These small and remote bistros spoke to her. “There was a moment in France that I knew we could achieve what we wanted as a family, to raise our children in a small town with family nearby and maybe, just maybe, if we did it right, people would seek out our restaurant.”

Remarkably, Liz was able to recreate that atmosphere in Gorham, which became a dining destination. As the restaurant continues to develop, Liz strives to work towards a more intimate food culture in the northern region of New Hampshire that she has come to call home. The business owner and chef prides herself on the relationships made with purveyors, farmers, customers and the community. Through challenges, Liz says that the best part is raising her children around a business so that they know, and truly understand the hard work and sacrifice that comes with loving what you do.


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