Talk is...

“The restaurant world is upside down.” “The struggle is real.”  “staffing is complicated”   “deliveries are complicated”  “customers want things to be normal - things are not normal”  “we need to pivot….again”

“We (restaurant owners and employees) are exhausted” …. “Stressed” ….. “Confused”.  “We spend hours and hours a day trying to control the flow of diners, only to refuse more people then we feed each evening” 

“We are still in a pandemic”

And we agree with it all.


we've decided to pause seated dining for the moment


we of course have a delicious solution:

THE SAaLT Box"ed" Picnic 


Friends Night?

Enjoy the last of summer weather.

I want to sit on that fabulous patio 

SAaLT Box Ordering Is Live (until sold out)


The experience

With the SAaLT Box Picnic, you can still enjoy our food, our patio, your patio + keep our farmers and staff employed.

You're welcome to take home, take out to head over to our tented patio and enjoy our worldly farm inspired love through food.

We'll have the outside bar open & Beverages will also be available at ATLaS for purchase.

how does it work?

Pre-Order and pay ahead online. Pre-order Only. These do sell out so plan early.

 Saturday 10/9

Pickup at SAaLT & Libby’s at your selected time. If we need to adjust, we'll give you a call.


alt box picnic

Libby’s classics go on a worldly picnic with THE SaaLT BOX 

take it home
 enjoy on our patio -we'll light heaters and build a few fires

These menus are Inspired by our farmers, our travels and THE ART OF THE PIVOT / INNOVATIVE TIMES...
each choice feeds several as an appetizer, 2 as a light dinner,
1 as a generous entrée 
we encourage you to share multiple  choices
Liz J's Take on a fall dinner in the alps $40
Forever braised pork with duck sausage

white beans + leeks + rich braising sauce 

Potato cakes 

with caramelized cabbage and bacon 

Pear and celery root salad

with walnuts & arugula 

Dark & Grainy Mountain Bread

with honey butter 

libby's classic nut crusted chicken $40    

vegetarian using tempeh  available 

pecan & Walnut crusted chicken  - a boneless chicken breast + maple dijon sauce

Harvest rice pilaf

wild rice, basmati rice, pumpkin seeds, dried cranberries, flat leaf pars

orange on your plate

roasted mixed varieties with brown butter & sage + roasted delicata rings + roasted baby carrots 

Little Loafs of onion beer bread 

local onions + maine grains + maine craft beer


whenever the squash becomes available I always say "this is my favorite time" but then  I remember what I say when the tomatoes come, and the corn and the potatoes, and herbs, and the ....

but it is a very special time

winter squash lasagna   

layers of handmade pasta with lucy's eggs  +  roasted kabocha + acorn squash  middle intervale farm + meadowstone farm + creamy béchamel sauce with hatchland dairy 

little chicken & mushroom meatballs in roasted yellow tomato sauce + dehydrated mushrooms from the season are reconstituted and are a delicious addition to chicken meatballs ( so don't be afraid to buy more mushrooms during the season - a day or so in the dehydrator and you have mushrooms' for the winter!). lucy at middle intervale farm never fails me in the yellow tomato department

roasted carrot, sweet  pepper + fingerling potatoes + arugula + red onion  peppers, potatoes, carrots  + onions are begging to be eaten


Roman Gnocchi with John Carter's Braised Beef

Middle Intervale Farm braised beef

+ creamy, cheesy béchamel sauce layered with semolina gnocchi

roasted carrot, sweet pepper + fingerling potatoes +

arugula salad+ red onion 

peppers, potatoes, carrots  + onions are begging to be eaten


chocolate Date cake   $12 

maple pudding + walnut  meringue 

Anna's peaches cardamom cake $12

 caramel pudding 


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