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It's been a while...

We're excited to welcome you back!

Garden + Indoor Dining Wednesday - Sunday starting June 17...

Give the gift of a SAaLT & Libby's evening in the Garden...

Open Wednesday to Sunday for dinner 4pm to 10pm.

Reservations: Call (603) 466-5330

A message from Liz:

This Stacking Journey has filled my soul, reminded me  of what I love about cooking, reunited me with old friends and introduced me to new ones. You have been loyal, adventurous & sooooo enthusiastic.


AND because in the background this was really such a production… From the bottom of my heart thanks to all of you.


Thanks to Northern Forest for giving us this opportunity. Thanks to my kitchen easy going Stack Star & chef Josh for keeping us organized, and doing a thousand math equations. Thanks to Gail for all the cookies & cakes & tarts & cookies…. Thanks Steve, my life long "A #one KitchenAid and Pasta Man”, said with a Jamaican accent. 


And at the front of the house, Beth, The Great & Mighty & Thoughtful Stack Organizer! And Roxy!, who has always been and continued to be "The Rocket Power", who BTW happily got her Daily Miles in running Stacks over to ATLaS... To Gina for quick turnaround wine pairings and general enthusiasm. Deirdre, for Stacks photography. Heather, for miles and miles of ribbon cutting. Sweet, sweet- and super smart Rose. And Meagan, for mailings & charts & website & rethinking & wow! Right? And Patti, John and Iz for jumping in when we needed extra help. Ava, I get tears when I think about how you've been by my side, my rock, my rockstar, my reality check for your whole entire life.

I hope you enjoy this week's menu filled with so, so many memories...


XO Liz



a very special menu


Discovering Mezza:  GF without the bread

  • Snowshoe bread

  • Aleppo pepper bread

  • Farmer’s Cheese with olive oil  

  • Turkish Salsa

  • Tunisian Lentil Spread with lemon and za'atar

  • Marinated Olives with oranges and herbs

  • Chickpea salad with mint 

  • Fresh herbs

"Flatbreads and Flavors" authors Jeffrey Alford and Naomi Duguid changed my world when they brought breads from around the world to Julia’s. After a day of baking breads, making toppings, then filming, we feasted on my first Mezza spread. I can still feel the togetherness of this feast.


main GF

Sea Scallops (16 ounces)  
with baby vegetable ratatouille and creamy celery root puree  + brown butter sauce

Staff meal sharing + fun after days off -- Charlie and his big bluefish catch back from a day of deep sea fishing, me with my baby vegetables back from days at home in my garden + surprise guests, “LA Law’s” Jill Eikenberry and Michael Tucker, turned the evening into an impromptu after-“shooting” party.



Prime Roasted Spanish Sirloin (22 ounces)  GF 
with romesco sauce + manchego and olive oil mashed potato + roasted asparagus

Fun times after work -- There was a little Spanish Restaurant around the corner from Julia’s, and after a long day of cooking and filming the staff would often be found there drinking wine, toasting Cava, telling stories, and eating delicious food.


sweet stuff  can be all GF 

Julia’s “we almost broke up” chocolate cake

with fresh raspberries and whipped creme fraiche + caramel custard + meringue cookies 

I made this cake for Steve in our first year together. I found it in an article about Julia in the Boston Globe and thought it would be romantic to make it to serve with some fresh raspberries that we had just picked. We loved this cake so much that we basically ate the whole thing! In one sitting. It is now legendary for the crazy fight we got into when we both crashed from our sugar high.

Fast forward 11 years and one weekend while at Julia’s we found ourselves minus a dishwasher on the set, when they asked if I knew anyone who could help us out and that they would put them up at the Charles Hotel - I quickly volunteered Steve. That evening when I was saying good night to Julia, she said in her most beautiful Julia voice that she just loved watching the two of us working together and that it fondly reminded her of her and Paul. She then gave me some marriage advice; that when times get tough, and they will, think about the sweet moments. It’s advice I have often taken. I didn't tell her that her chocolate cake almost ended us!

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  • Pre-order only; we will take orders in the order they are received.

  • 3-course stack.

  • $65 per stack (unless marked otherwise)  - a $130 value.

  • Each stack feeds 2.

  • Order soon! Limited stacks.

  • Pick-up at ATLaS Market 3pm - 6pm on Saturday, April 24.

  • Click the link to place your order

  • Watch for our videos ~posted here and on Instagram on Saturday~ on how to serve your stack so you feel like you're dining with us. 

  • ADD a bottle of wine to your Stack order... hand picked to pair well with this week's menu.

reservations open on june 2. Call (603) 466-5330. Dinner service wed. to sunday starting June 17.





Aichenburg Gruner from Austria - peppery aromas with apricot, lemon and apple flavors; best with cheeses, meats and seafood.


Dry Creek Vineyards Sauvignon Blanc - Fruit forward  slightly creamy, but lively finish Best as an aperitif or paired with sea scallops.


Hahn Chardonnay - perfect balance of tropical fruit and baking spices with a lingering, clean finish.



Experience Cabernet - Napa Valley  ripe black fruit- blackberry & black cheery; long & lingering finish best with beef.


Hahn Pinot Noir - a favorite at ATLaS!! Vibrant red cherry, red plum and hints of spice; soft, round mouthfeel and notes of earthiness.


Lopez de Haro Rioja - Best pairing for this week's stack from start to finish. True Spanish red full bodied, dry, long finish. Great with beef, roasted vegetables and even chocolate cake!

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