Saalt Pub and Libbys Bistro are searching for a passionate, hard working individual who would like to expand their knowledge and join our BOH team. This is a full time position. You will be working alongside chefs and waitstaff in a fast paced, detail oriented and close knit team environment.

Full-time Dishwasher

Qualifications for positions would include: 

  • Keep up with dishes as they are brought to the dish pit

  • Put dishes away where they should go or enlist the help of others to get them to where they need to be

  • Help to maintain a climate of smooth and friendly cooperation

  • Work with integrity and dedication to our increasingly hand made dishware

  • Working and maintaining a good attitude while under pressure

  • Willingness to help out with prep as needed

  • The desire to be part of a team that creates great food

  • Self-motivated, interested and organized

  • Interest in eating great food at work

Please email us if this sounds like you!

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