January 16, 2020

Join us

Friday Jan. 17th, 2020

for our Middle East Destination Dinner.  

This plus our regualr menu!

4 courses for $32 plus you get a $10 gift card to ATLaS

Call to reserve: 603-466-5330

Course 1: 

Breads + Spreads 

Hummus with herbs and feta, roasted red pepper and walnut spread,  Labneh lemon and dill + House Pita

Course 2:  

(Choose 1)

Split Pea Soup 

Aromatic spices, Caramelized onions, Parsley Oil, Mint, toasted pita croutons

Fried Cauliflower

Spice, tahini sa...

December 10, 2019

Please join us on Thursday December 12 for our 18th! Annual Open House. Sample all kinds of crazy good food. Shop for our products that you can only get once a year.

our Libby's Classics

Boozy Cherries

House Dressing

House Crackers


Green Olive Tapenade

All the cookies

Dan Dan Sauce

Cranberry Chutney

Tuscan Chutney

Spice Blends



xtra HOT Dan Dan

Thai Sweet and Hot Pepper Sauce

Spice Blends 

Hot Salt!

Themed Boxed Spice Kits with how to...

December 3, 2019

Friday December 6 

DESTINaTION DINNER Umbria, Italy $30 per person

Regular menu also available

La Bottegiccia, a rustic restaurant in the mountains of Umbria is one of our favorite places to bring family and friends to eat, here Stefano and Annunziatini cook from the land, with the season, with tradition and love. There is no menu. The food just comes and then more comes, then there's more and then...:)

On Friday, we would like to share this beautiful di...

August 7, 2019

   We would love to introduce you to our newest concept,  ATLaS Market, on the east side of SAaLT & Libby's.

   We are lucky to have a vibrant little space next to SAaLT & Libby's that has been begging for our attention, and we were happy to accommodate. August keeps us busy with our first children, SAaLT &  Libby's,  so we are taking a slow approach to launching. We will be open Thurs-Sat from NOON - 6 PM. Here's what you'll find to start!...

May 17, 2019

We’re done with rain and gloom! Are you??

Join us tonight (yes! You ARE spontaneous) We’ll make our own sunshine!

Come eat small worldly plates (Tapas) in our favorite little nook THE COOP

This is a fun, tasty, affordable one-off menu! What's the harm?  

Good Food? Cheap Date? Feeling like you’re in a new trendy restaurant?  Plus! of course our  regular menu deliciousness! 

See you tonight!


Euro Breads & Spreads $10

North African Breads & Spreads...

May 9, 2019


My Mom, sweet, beautiful, creative, nurturing, loyal....an oh my -she could cook and entertain.  She guides me from a different place these days, but there is no end to her thoughtful influence.  Please join us this weekend while we share our recent trip to Italy.  And let us toast all of our beautiful mothers and the mother in all of us. Cheers XO      


Wild Soup

ramps, fiddleheads, 5 essential Italian herbs & cream  + s...

March 15, 2019

Sunday, March 17th

Irish Pub for a night! 

 We've got it all! Paul Cormier on the fiddle! Anna Sysko on the keyboard! A full Irish menu with a SAaLTed touch. Can't wait!  Join us


Smoked Salmon Board  13...

March 14, 2019

Destination: My mixed up Irish/Italian heritage

3 courses for $28

Friday, March 15

While my Irish grandmother and my Italian grandmother seemed to have a sweet affection for each other, never once did I see them cook together.  My Irish grandmother had 3 children & owned a diner, while my Italian grandmother fed 11 children 3 meals a day.  My Dad (Italian) jokes that "there was no food!" the first time he ate at my Mom's family home. There was!  I wanted to ce...

March 7, 2019

Soup  choose one

Celery Root & Leek with walnut pesto and blue cheese swirls

Escarole with garbanzo and mussels

both come with a giant handmade cracker, rosemary & Parmesan

Mains Choose one                                      

Butcher's Ragu

braised pork, beef & little herby pork meatballs on house pappardelle

any day, anytime, anywhere in Italy.  As if Italy doesn...