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Summer Dining Series


Wednesdays and thursdays

from July 21 to August 26

Four worldly courses each week celebrating our local farmers.

+ local brewery pairings

+ local distillery cocktail pairings

+ wine pairings 

Call (603) 466-5330

for reservations.

Almost every day throughout the summer we’re incredibly lucky to have a farmer walk in our back door, some with crates of freshly-picked produce, others with a few pounds of vibrant Thai basil and minime cukes. We have mushroom growers, some who raise beef, pork or chicken, and some who raise goats and make incredible Chevre. While I’m still in bed I can be found texting and having morning conversations about what they have or don’t. It can be a heartbreaking business, but it’s a business based on love of the land, the miracle of planting a seed and watching it grow, of integrity and hard work. We talk frequently about the hardships and why we do it. It starts in January when they order their first seed; March when the first piglets arrive; in April when they get their chicks.


We know why we do it. Because it’s a gift to plant a seed, to nurture and harvest it. It’s a gift to feed. It’s a gift to know that animals are raised with love and integrity.

Flashback 30-something years and my (our) dream was to find a piece of property and create prix fixe dinners inspired by my relationships with the farmers I worked with for my catering business. I wanted it to feel like you were coming to my home for dinner. I ended up with a much different experience (we like to call it urban ;)), but with the same founding principles. And while it’s been amazing, the farm dinners never left my heart.


Our Saturday Stacks gave me the confidence to say it’s ok to change it up a bit, and I know now just how adventurous you are all. And since I’m about to become a grandmother I think I’m old enough to do what I (we) want!

Come and dine with us and celebrate these amazing people, of whom I consider some of my best friends

Meadowstone Farm

Middle Intervale Farm

Shady Grove Farm

Prospect Farm

French Hill Farm

Slopeside Farm

Robie Farm

Moriah Valley Farm

Anna's Garden & Greenhouse 

Sidehill Farm

Farm to Table Menu


Wednesday & Thursday
JULY 28 & 29


$39.per person
four well-loved courses...this is about a table full of sharing. full of local. A table full of spice and flavor without being "spicy"  a table of exciting. a table of focusing on our farmers.


moroccan breads + toppings

freshly baked breads with herbs + tomato jam +  beet, spices & yogurt  +  kohlrabi & mint salad  +  carrot & harissa spread + cucumber + tomatoes + meadowstone chevre

moriah valley farm   

anna's garden & greenhouse 

sidehill farm

meadowstone farm

Moriah Valley Farm


potato tagine

+ baby summer squash + lots of herbs with white                    beans + chick peas + olive oil drizzles + chermoula sauce + bakoula (marinated greens) salad  + more bread for scooping !

meadowstone farm

sidehill farm 

moriah valley farm

middle interevale farm


fatima's chicken 

 caramelized honeyed onions and dried cranberries  + pan roasted baby vegetables with our house spice blend + rice & almonds + crazy gorgeous leaf lettuce leaves for wrapping 
prospect farm

sidehill farm 

meadowstone farm

middle intervale farm 


sweet cream & rose  panna cotta  

 berries & apricots + shortbread cookies with sesame and almonds 

shelia's backyard orchard

hatchland dairy  

* we reserve the right to slightly change vegetables , but promise they'll be just picked 


©2022 SAaLT & Libby's

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