We’re in it for the long-run, therefore, to keep you and our staff safe

Libby’s & SAaLT is closed until Covid-19 simmers down

But trust us! We are cooking & planning & and in general gearing up for the post-covid renaissanc--we cannot wait.

In the meantime...

Check out our store, ATLaS Market

with foods fresh form Libby's pantry for meals to go + beer & wine

 Look forward to a moment in our Winter Garden, an outdoor garden space with your own personal fireplace or patio heater. Enjoy a cup of hearty soup and a warm cocktail (or a cold beer!) after a ski, fatbike ride or hike. Meet a friend, share a drink, & enjoy the warmth of a fire一a perfect way to embrace the winter. Coming soon…weather and snow dependent.

Send us a message If you would like to hear from us! 

111 Main Street

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(603) 466-5330

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