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Libby’s & SAaLT is Our Family.

Liz & Steve



Happy Thanksgiving! 


November 3, 1881. In her infamous wisdom local, legend Dolly Copp, wife of Hayes Dodifer Copp at her 50th wedding anniversary party stated

"Hayes is well enough, but 50 years is long enough for a woman to live with any man." 


Libby’s & SAaLT.  24 years + 4 months.



SAaLT & Libby’s have been an amazing journey for me, but 24 years is long enough to run a restaurant. It’s Ava’s whole life. It’s time for change. 


This may seem sad. But let’s not be sad. You know I always have something up my sleeve and I certainly enjoy cooking for you. I love our wonderful Libby’s & SAaLT community and you will again eat my food in our beautiful building and on our lovely patio. There’ll be more laughter and sharing of creative, local food with family & friends. We will still remain a vibrant, worldly part of the culinary world in this remote part of the northeast. 


We just won’t be here every Wednesday-Sunday.

We’ll be here, but in new and creative ways; in ways that will allow me more time with my family; more time to hike and to be outdoors; more time to be creative; and a whole lot less stress.


Covid has been hard, and of course it comes into play ; there’s nothing about it that says welcome, let’s sit close, share food and hug.  


It’s just time to slow it down a bit.




Stay tuned. Open our emails. See us on Instagram. Visit us in ATLaS. Check out our holiday shop. 

We are currently choosing paint colors, fabrics & furnishings! That tells you something is going to happen.


Love to all of you from all of us.

We won’t be missing each other--we’ll just be seeing each other in different ways...

SAaLT Family
Liz & Steve
saalt libbyslogo.png

Steve: essential & refined
Steve, dad & problem solver. His artistic eye for architecture & renovations has created the warm restaurant ambiance of the century-old bank. He loves rock climbing, trail running and riding his Ducati.

Ari: flavor shaker
Ari graduated from Dartmouth with a degree in Engineering & St. Lawrence with a degree in Math. He is currently living in Somerville, MA trying to eat his way through all the hip restaurants. When he is home, you can find him y- fishing, rock-climbing, hiking or skiing.

Ava: essential zest
Ava the third is a junior at Bowdoin College. She loves fishing, foraging and helping out on the farms. You can see her trail running, rock climbing or working at SAaLT whenever she is home. Ava has been here her whole life. She’s our kid. We love her. And she is the little “a” in SAaLT.

Liz: refined & unrefined
Liz, mom, wife & worldly chef. School of Cambridge Culinary Arts, and James Beard semi-finalist. Also had two summer stints with Julia Child! She has a lust for spice and local ingredients. You can always expect something new & creative on her menu. And there is a good chance she made the plate that you are eating off of. 

Teo: edge of worldly
Teo the primo landed in Colorado Springs through Teach for America. He stayed. He is teaching High School Science at a charter school. When he is not busy working on his Masters, he loves cooking, mountain biking, hiking, skiing and running up Pike’s Peak.


Gail: the dependable multitasker

has been with us for 17 years. She is the queen of cookies, bread, crackers, desserts, and sauces! She is a mom of 3 incredible kids. We love her, and she makes all of our lives so much better.

Front of the house:

Roxy: the hardest working woman in food business

has been with us for 19 years and in this business her whole life. If any of us needs to know something about the dining room...we go to the “Rocket.” We realized that someday she would retire….we dread that day.  A side note about the Rocket -she wins the costume contest at the staff party every year. Every. Single. Year.  

Beth: The Wonderful 

has been with us for six years. Who doesn’t love Beth? Gracious and delightful, she makes us all smile every day she works. With years of experience under her apron, she can make a bustling summer night seem like a walk in the park. She’s married to our Chef, Josh.

Know your farmer. Know your food.

John and Lucy of Middle Intervale Farm in Bethel, Maine. John is a seventh generation dairy farmer and Lucy is a true living breathing ray of sunshine. The pair supplies us with beef for your burger, pork, potatoes, corn & winter squash.

Tim of Meadowstone Farm in Bethlehem, NH. Our one-stop shopping farm with seasonal vegetables, goat cheese & eggs. Our buddy & their farmhand Jim delivers. Sometimes if we are lucky, he will pick us some blackberries along the way.

Lane & Meryl Nevins of Prospect Farm in Lunenburg, VT. A grass-fed farmstead that raises Heritage pig breeds & poultry, and hopefully some beef for fall.

Steve of Moriah Valley Farm Shelburne, NH. Mr. Tassey & his wife have been growing perfect tomatoes for longer than most of us have been alive. Steve, always smiling & well into his 80’s delivers big, beautiful red beauties twice a week.

Chuck & Sarah of Shady Grove Mushrooms Waterford, ME.

Shady Grove started as a hobby farm in 2016 and has since become our go to farm for the tastiest and most beautiful farmed and foraged fungi. We collectively oooh and ahhh at these mushrooms every time they enter the kitchen.

Jeff, Maria & Gwen of Boothman Sugar Orchard Randolph, NH. Jeff & Maria live pretty much ‘off the grid’ he fights wildfires & Maria is an artist (Look for her pottery on our tables). An interesting side note is that Jeff is the great-grandson of famed local photographer Guy Shorey. (look for his work on the walls)

Christian of Good Vibes Coffee North Conway, NH. He is everything we love in a coffee roaster; passionate, smiling, & willing to custom blend for us to get that rich, smooth Italian flavor.

Jason of French Hill Farm in Milan. Family run farm with Amy, Aric, and Cora raising chickens, ducks, pigs, rabbits, turkeys, and laying hens.  Started in 2015 to show our children where their food comes from. 

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